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The YUCA (Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards) has been recognized as a mark of excellence throughout the film and music industry of Uttarakhand in last few years since 2009. YUCA has been instrumental in promoting the cine and music industry of Uttarakhand, a number of film makers, singers, directors, performers, musicians, hero/heroines, song writers and script writers through multi-stage juried competition. As the cine industry in Uttarakhand is evolving, YUCA has adapted its juried competition to assure excellence in cine and music industry. The event turned out to be one of the most publicized event in the History of Uttarakhand cine industry and has drawn loads of applauds from the Association of Uttarakhand’s Artists, Media, Uttarakhand Government as well as the public at large. In Addition, YUCA continues to maintain relations with oversea Uttrakhand’s festivals celebrated worldwide.

Young Uttarakhand Cine Awards 2022

 Objective of YUCA

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Anoop Dobriyal

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